Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

1 Week Down, 15 More To Go.........

That's right, I am already counting down the weeks until I am graduated! I am sure most people reading this are thinking to themselves, "hasn't she already graduated?" (I myself have been asking this question for a couple of years now) Unfortunately, I took the slowest path possible for a 4 year degree. However, I will officialy be done by Dec. 17, 2009! Hip, Hip, Hooray! I can't wait for December to come!

Monday, July 13, 2009

I want them! I need them!

Sperry Top Sider Bahama-Green

Sperry Top Sider Bahama-White

I have been dieing to get myself a pair of Sperry's! Nothing seems more fitting for summer than a pair of boating shoes! Which one would you choose?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

So Much To Blog About

I am still trying to learn how to blog, so this probably isn't the best layout, but it will do! The following posts detail by bridal shower, Celine in concert, our honeymoon, the Strawberry Day's Rodeo, and the Buzz Baseball game!

Bridal Shower

I had the most amazing bridal shower in the world! Seriously, if you had a better one I would like to hear about it because I think it is virtually impossible to top mine! My sweet friends Kelli and Heather put together a Vegas themed shower for me and it was amazing! Everything was decorated so cutely and if that wasn't enough, they even got Celine to come and sing to me! It was amazing and the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me! (I actually started crying!) Thank you again you two for the most memorable shower ever!

Brynley, Kat, and I

Me and Lizzy

Kel, Celine, Me, and MA

Celine In Concert

For those of you that do not know my sad, sad Celine story, I will share it with you. Back in November 2007 I found out that Celine was coming to Energy Solutions in November 2008. I quickly got on line, joined the Celine Gold Member Fan Club to get the best available floor seats. I couldn't find any here in Utah, but I did find some in Colorado. I had never been there and me and my sister thought that it would be a fun little experience. I purchased our tickets and couldn't wait for next year to come! As November started to approach, my sister and I booked our flights and hotel reservations in Colorado. Novmeber came and the Sunday before we were supposed to leave (the concert was on a Wednesday) I got a call saying that Celine's concert had been cancelled in Colorado! I was devastated! As if that wasn't enough, my sister and I had lost the money we had spent on our flights! Celine did end up rescheduling her tour dates however, including her concert here in Utah. At this point though I was a little bitter towards Celine, and I was newly engaged and was trying to be better about spending my money on wants vs. needs. (I'm still trying to differentiate between the two!) Then the day before Valentine's Day, Scott told me he had a present to give to me, even though we had promised not to get each other anything. (We are not good at that rule at all! We always end up getting each other something!) We went out to the car and he gave me a pair of darling white sunglasses and inside the box were tickets to Celine! I was so excited! I'm not sure if I cried or if I just felt like crying, either way I was elated! In Febuary we attended the best concert ever! She is AMAZING live and just the most beautiful, sweetest person ever! I really do think that if we were to meet, that we would be best friends! (I'm not crazy, I swear!) Below are just some of the pictures from the concert!

Not the cutest picture of us, but it kind of gives an idea of how good our seats were!

After the concert, Celine exited right by us! I was so excited that I froze in place while Scott ran over to get pictures of her!


We rented beach cruisers and rode them along the beach! It was so much fun!

My HOT husband!

Scott and his sick moves!

Huntington Beach Pier

This was crazy! We went to Ruby's to eat on the pier one morning and when we got there, there was a guy fishing and he looked as though he had caught something. We watched him all during breakfast struggling to reel his catch in and slowly a crowd starting to gather around him. We finally went out to see what was going on, and this is what he had caught! A freaking stingray! What do you even do with a stingray once it has been caught?

Scott went to the store to get stuff to make smore's at the beach, and when he returned he brought me these flowers! So sweet!

Standing on the balcony at our hotel! It was so nice and they had the best french toast in the world! We would go back again just for the french toast!

Strawberry Day's

Strawberry Day's Rodeo

Cutest Cowboy's EVER!

Bee's Baseball Game

Husband and Wiff

Bee's Game Memento Picture

Me, Scott, and my beautiful Mom-In-Law

Aunt Julie and Sally

Scott and his sweet twin cousin Jane! He kept sharing with everyone and ended up having to leave so he could enjoy his Dippin' Dots!

Friday, June 12, 2009


I never thought that I would be blogging, but here I am posting for the very first time. (The previous posts were done by my sweet husband! What a cutie!) This is the only downloaded picture that I have from our fun trip to Disneyland. More to come once I get the other pictures.